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So Much News To Share: Bags, Fanart & More!


Hello, darlings! So much news to share with you all, where to start… hmm… Fanart: Well, first of all John and I stayed up till 5 am this morning brainstorming our way through to fandoms for things that need to…
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Wispy Art Preview 3

2014-11-11 04_00_08-SAI - C__Users_Feeby_Desktop_wispy.sai

Sooo… sinus headaches are still keeping me away from the computer for the majority of the day but here’s a quick update on my big WiP. These branches… so tedious… so worth it… I have four more to finish before…
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Long Live Kawaii

2014-11-05 22_07_39-Cutesykink UK_ Cute Japanese Clothing, Cosplay and Kawaii Shop - Opera

m4s0n501 Darlings, tonight I want to talk to you about something very important. As many of you know I work with the ever amazing CutesyKink from time to time. She is a great friend and an all around lovely person…
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Wispy Art Preview 2

2014-11-04 17_52_57-SAI - C__Users_Feeby_Desktop_wispy.sai (_)

So brain dead and tired… I don’t normally get this much done after returning from a convention but damn… Wispy’s hair grew this morning… that’s gonna be a pain in the neck (pun intended) to line later. I look forward…
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Rarity MLP Inspired Fanart Tee Is Live!

pony for alyssa

So as per a recent commission I have an MLP fanart tee in my store. Since this is fanart and there’s an unusual line about selling it (let’s not discuss that here) you might only be able to buy this…
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Wondering If I Should Indigogo…

So I’m wondering. If I did an Indigogo or some such to raise money for my table in June/July so I could have more/better merch than just prints and jewelry would anyone help me out? I’d like to order some…
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Wispy Art Preview :)

2014-11-04 02_21_27-SAI - C__Users_Feeby_Desktop_wispy.sai (_)

I’ve been calling this on “Wispy” until she picks her own name. So many things I want to see in this one and hoping my skill can keep up with my imagination, lol. Alrighty, lovelies. I arted all night. Time…
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The Cutest F-Bomb You’ll Ever Drop

2014-11-03 22_22_10-SAI - C__Users_Feeby_Desktop_f bomb.sai (_)

Another something new, I finished this sometime yesterday. Hoping to get it on some tees and whatnot sometime this week. It’s the cutest little F-bomb you’ll ever drop. Also, I’ve been told she looks like Jigglypuff… that’s an accident. Like seriously….
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Safe, Sound, Sleepy – Home From YoumaCon


Ohayo, darlings! I have returned safe, sound and exhausted from YoumaCon. We had a great time with only a few sore spots here and there, my main one was specifically when someone hit me in the head with their prop-staff……
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Bishis In Training Oh My!

color display-bishonen-training

Oh, hey, darlings! Look, it’s a brand new shirt! This one is all John’s fault because really- he IS a bishi in training. Everyday he’s looking less like kohai and more like senpai. You can find this shirt for a…
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Bearded Lolita and Steampunk Chibis DONE!


Like I said when I started this commission- I had way too much fun with this piece for far too many reasons and now it’s done~! *happy noises* Not only that but I uploaded two time lapse videos to go…
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