Hello and welcome to our little shop of cuteness where we feature art and goodies created by myself and inspired by great friends, fabulous cosplayers, uber geekage, all things Japanese and quite a few cats.

Now, if you're new here and you're thinking to yourself 'Gosh, they don't have much' well think again. We're just getting started and between late nights and a lot of candy we're plotting to bring you cool new gifts and apparel every couple of days so stick around and keep an eye out for more shiny awesomeness.

News & Updates

    - Adult and kids tees are coming back this week. We had a major update, hence the temporary disappearance. Sizing charts will be available soon as well.

    - Now that market season has ended and convention season is upon us we'll be adding all of our new jewelry to the online selection. Necklaces, keychains, earrings and phone swag.

    - Lastly, we're working on some bigger better photos for our online customers and LEGGINGS are coming super soon.